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Historical Fiction/Family Saga


A 17th-century woman's tragedy puts in motion a legacy of secrets and pain that compound over the generations to modern day, where her ancestor must break the cycle for herself and her daughter.


I have published non-fiction extensively as a research psychologist, but my true love has always been fiction; my first short story was published in my local newspaper when I was eight.  In 2011 I started my first novel, Hazel-Green (see below for details), and in 2014 I wrote my second, Deadly Avatar; I'm currently querying both of these novels. During NaNoWriMo 2014, I wrote Accidental Divination, and am currently revising it; during NaNoWriMo 2015 I wrote the sequel, Accidental Revelation, which is waiting patiently for revisions.     

I also write flash fiction, short stories, essays, posts about my adventures, book reviews, and sometimes even a poem or two...You can find them below and on my writing blog, The Michelle/Mishka Project 

Michelle Chouinard

Deadly Avatar



A serial killer stalks and seduces his victims in an online role-playing game...Can Detective Jack Fournier stop him (or even prove to the FBI that he exists!) before he kills his next victim?

Accidental Revelation

Accidental Divination




Semarra Rae Tamberlyn is a young widow trying to move on with her life. On a buying trip to New Orleans, she finds an enchanted tarot deck that helps her solve the mystery of her husband's death. But the deck wants her help in return...  




Semarra's back, this time helping her sister Arya run the yearly Cypress Grove charity treasure hunt. The game is well afoot when someone hijacks their carefully planned clues, and the hunt takes a deadly turn. Semarra needs all the help she can get from her tarot deck to find out why someone would want to derail the hunt badly enough to kill one of its youngest staff members.   

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