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Monograph; journal articles


I have a written a research-based book on the role that children's questions play in their cognitive development (Children's Questions: A Mechanism For Cognitive Development)  which has been widely cited in the discipline; I've also written several journal articles and a book chapter, in English and French. 

Michelle Chouinard

Research Psychologist

I got my bachelor's degree in psychology at U.C. Berkeley, and my doctorate at Stanford University; I was a founding faculty member of the University of California at Merced. While I can write, research, and teach across different divisions within psychology, my area of expertise is how people, particularly children, learn and remember best. 

Founding Faculty

U.C. Merced


I am one of the founding faculty members who helped open the 10th University of California campus, the first research university of the new millennium in the United States. I helped found the psychological sciences undergraduate and graduate programs; I also taught and did research in developmental psychology.